Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uncertainty is...

For some, uncertainty is knowing what you don't know. For others, it is the certainty that some things are unknowable.

This music came from far away, traveling at night through treacherous mountain passes clogged with snow and ravaged by gusts of wind and blood. The sense of danger, of loneliness, and of determined solace is part, but not all of what you will hear when you listen all the way through. Some comps are great for sampling; this one is best taken in one dose. Repeat as necessary.  

01 Alcest - Away
02 Blind Mr. Jones – Regular Disease
03 Ploho – 1991
04 Soror Dolorosa – Low End
05 Vivienne Mort – Saint’s Day
06 Bitch Alert – Sandy
07 Suede – Animal Nitrate
08 Alive She Died – White In August
09 Black Space Riders - Black Book Of Cosmic Salvation Part 2: I, Black Space Massiah
10 Rein Sanction – Mariposa
11 Slowdive – Here She Comes
12 Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood – Shade Of The Sun
13 The Church – Reptile
14 Lush – Ocean
15 Janitor Joe – Mutton
16 The Sisterhood – Finland Red, Egypt White
17 Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
18 The Mars Volta – Lapochka
19 Electric Magma – Drive-In
20 And One – She’s Triple 6
21 Lebanon Hanover – Die World II
22 Bitch Alert – God Doesn’t Like Me

This compilation is dedicated to another human being.