Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trippin' like it's 1984

Marcas is a band from Antwerpen, Belgium, and today I followed my internal river to their 1984 release, Stories. "Cinematic Trip Hop Lounge" barely begins to describe the variety of sounds and moods in the 13 tracks on the album. Synths, drums, various horns, flute, various stringed instruments, and voice grace the album in an undemanding and yet expressive way. This is music you can have on, or listen to intently, or anywhere in the spectrum.

Vocals are used in different ways, sometimes spoken, other times sung. Average track length is around four minutes, so if you don't love a track, another sonic treat is soon to follow.

So, you may ask...why bother writing about an album that is over 30 years old? Because I just found it and immediately loved it. Because it's smart and sexy and sophisticated. Because it sets a mood and slowly evolves that mood, perfectly.