Sunday, April 26, 2015

John Prine - August 1970

This recording takes me back to my roots, playing tiny coffeehouses in Northwest Indiana, and heading into Chicago to hear the real thing at Somebody Else's Troubles. A friend of mine learned how to palm his pick mid-song, from Steve Goodman, in the bathroom of that club. Then he taught it to me.

The first eleven tracks here were recorded in a studio, presumably in Chicago. You hear John's voice and his guitar; that's it. It's all you need to get what he was about in those days, transitioning from his work as a mailman to full-time musician. There's nothing forced or artificial here, just great songs presented in a straightforward manner.

The next seven tracks were recorded live at the 5th Peg in Chicago. He's having some fun and folks are singing along part of the time. This music is a tonic, to be taken liberally when life seems too complicated and your stress is getting stressed out.
Turn it on. turn it up, and listen to the sound of the truth. Cheers, all.